The test kit offers a major breakthrough. IDenta's patended technology combined with advanced chemistry, safety and user friendly, offering the most reliable and accurate test kits on the market. The kits meets the strict standartds of IDenta's professional identification kits, used worldwide by Law Enforcement agencies, Army, Border Control, Airports, Prisons and more. 

Catalog Number: IDT0040S
Probe Type: Sniffer Sampler
Probe Effective on: Powder, Substance
Weight: 40 gram
Size: 50x95x25 cm
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Quick Overview

Introducing IDenta’s latest innovation: the AeroChamber – a first-of-a-kind sniffer with the ability to carry out both drug and explosive screening and detection missions in a fast, effective and reliable manner. We have added a new type of probe to our CUSPER test kits which is designed for use with our AeroChamber, giving users the ability to screen and detect even the smallest traces of substances on any type of surface or object, and offering a very safe, practical and effective solution for screening people. The AeroChamber is already in use in airports, on passenger aircrafts, ports, law enforcement and other government agencies worldwide.